Extra! My Unexpected Triple Killing…

I was out jogging the other evening when I went past a very funky looking building:

When I got home I looked it up online – was there anything interesting about it? I then started searching the LAPL’s newspaper archives and checked out the LA Times – wow!

On June 30, 1959, 52 year old Lillian Engel, a secretary for the IRS, and her (presumed boyfriend) Sumner Packard, 53, a city engineering inspector, were moving out of their apartment here.

Packard was approached by salesman Elmer Engel, who opened fire and shot Packard in the heart, killing him instantly. Elmer then went into the apartment, locked the door, and shot Lillian in the head before turning the .32 caliber pistol on himself.

In just seconds, three people were dead.

A lawyer confirmed that a restraining order had been filed against Elmer, who had allegedly beaten Lillian up, but he had always tracked her down despite her moving several times (including this latest attempt to leave).

Tragic enough, but the report revealed that Packard was known in the building as “Thomas Perkins,” and had been living there with his ex-wife Georgia, who he had been trying to commit to an institution.

Packard also apparently owned and lived at an apartment building in Burbank, where residents know nothing of his secret life!

Just goes to show what happens behind closed doors….