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Zoom Last Bookstore Book Club April 22, 2020

The True Crime Book Clubs via Zoom are going really well (see left), so join us September 17 at 7.30pm PST as we discuss Jack The Ripper and the Case for Scotland Year’s Prime Suspect by Robert House. GUEST_bf6d5697-6b3b-4063-a38e-ef484e020ae0

I’ll be hosting for the Last Bookstore, where you can buy the book and get the join up code:

Otherwise, don’t panic, wash your hands, wear your mask, and buy Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles AND Gourmet Ghosts 2 so you can plan which bar or restaurant you’re going to visit when this is all over!

For now, my latest articles include LA’s Natural History Museum museum taxidermist Tom Bovard for ALTA California, my latest ones for the LA Times about the aquarium at Union Station (there’s a diver in there every week!), A Beginner’s Guide to Griffith Park and finally, ever heard of the LA Breakfast Club? It’s 95 years young and meets weekly – and I wrote about it for ALTA Magazine too.

The Journal interviews me about the Gourmet Ghosts, and here’s  a link to my LA Weekly article about Jack The Ripper and the Dead & Buried podcast I guested on in Melbourne, Australia, when I went to investigate. Here too is a link to a piece I wrote on the infamous murder of the Black Dahlia.

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