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Mayhem, Madness and Strange Stories of Los Angeles, the first Gourmet Ghosts (Pocket Guides) release is AVAILABLE now! It’s the first in a planned series, costs $3.99 (or $1.99 on Kindle), runs to a fun-size 50 pages and is sized 5″ x 8″ – ideal for a pocket, purse or bag!  Front cover (Pocket Guides) Madness, Mayhem

It has been 10 years since the original Gourmet Ghosts revealed there were ghost stories in the bars, restaurants, and hotels across Los Angeles, and that many of them had their origins in true crime, moments of tragedy, or were simply too weird to believe.

In Mayhem, Madness & Strange Stories of Los Angeles we investigated further, and offer you stories about The Catalina Pirate, LA’s own “Bonnie & Clyde”, the Halloween Murderers, and more, plus the terrifying archive evidence that legendary serial killer Jack The Ripper may have walked the streets of the City of Angels before he terrorized London…

More recently, my fictional story “Under The Stars” (set at the Hollywood Bowl) features in the 2023 short story anthology from Sisters in Crime LA, which is called Entertainment To Die For. The book is introduced by the legendary Sara Paretsky, and you can buy it here.

I talk about Gourmet Ghosts and Hollywood stories with the duo from Hollyweird Paranormal in ep 108 of their podcast here, while my most recent article for Los Angeles Magazine looked at the historical dark side of Valentine’s DayPXL_20230214_201221658and on the same subject here’s my piece for DTLA Weekly about crimes of passion!

The Museum of Death is reopening in Hollywood – at last! – and I wrote about it for LA Magazine.

Also, a podcast I did with Dean Jones, the “Well-Seasoned Librarian”, where we chat about the Gourmet Ghosts books, my moving to and exploring Los Angeles, and a bit of The Alaskan Blonde too… and another piece for Los Angeles Magazine about the Dark History of Downtown LA Hotels, and what I discovered was a “Suicide Triangle” among them, and a piece about Drinking at the Gates of Hell.

I talk about the Cecil Hotel – one of the three hotels in that triangle – in the s4 ep 8 “Uncanny Curses” episode of the latest season of The UnXplained, hosted by William Shatner, on History, and my appearance on “Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel” is on the Travel Channel. Me on The Unxplained s4 ep 8 Uncanny Curses

Me on Ghost Adventures - Cecil Hotel

Also, here are my articles about how Jack The Ripper might have been in Los Angeles,  and a piece I wrote on the infamous murder of the Black Dahlia, now 75 years ago… 

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