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For info on my new true crime book The Alaskan Blonde: Sex, Secrets, and the Hollywood Story that Shocked America, please go to

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If you’re interested in Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles or Gourmet Ghosts 2, I talk about the Cecil Hotel in the s4 ep 8 “Uncanny Curses” episode of the latest season of The UnXplained, hosted by William Shatner, on History, and my appearance on “Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel” is on the Travel Channel at the moment (September). Me on The Unxplained s4 ep 8 Uncanny Curses

Also, here are my articles about how Jack The Ripper might have been in Los Angeles, Shasta Pomeroy, the first CSI in the history of Alaska, and a piece I wrote on the infamous murder of the Black Dahlia, now 75 years ago… 

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Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles

The original ghost-seeking book – while stocks last I will send you a copy with a personal message and FREE SHIPPING.


Gourmet Ghosts 2

More true crime – murders, suicides and weirdness – and this also comes with free shipping….