Ghosts of Las Vegas – Part 2

We also went to the Mob Museum on Stewart Avenue, right by Fremont Street, where the fab Diana gave us an amazing tour. There’s WAAAY more there than you might imagine – highlights include the court room, the weapons, the pictures of gangsters, the story of women gangsters, the short-lived Moulin Rouge – and, amazingly, the ACTUAL wall from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, when 6 people were gunned down…. right here:

Massacre Wall- Jeff GreenIn a case beside the wall is a Tommy Gun that may well have been used that day, and last year when some other guns – really from that time – were bought here for an event to mark the massacre, the staff got a scary vibe. They think it’s haunted – and it is creepy to be right next to where those guys were shot; the bullet holes are RIGHT THERE!