Extra! Extra! Moonshadows – Malibu

October 20, 2012

A few years ago Moonshadows hit the headlines in the worst way. It was the bar that actor Mel Gibson had been drinking in before he was stopped on suspicion of DUI (driving under the influence) and launched an anti-Semitic tirade at his arresting Police officer. The following media storm ran for what seemed like weeks on end and, unsurprisingly, having been on the receiving end of some very negative publicity, Moonshadows still weren’t keen to talk to journalists or researchers: an employee named Allesandro gave me a “definitely not – one hundred percent” reply when I called.

That’s a shame, because the ocean view here is spectacular, and their Blue Lounge has an excellent reputation for drawing in DJs to provide a soundtrack for the sunset – and into the night. It’s very much about champagne, steak and seafood here, so expect to see the young and beautiful, the rich and successful and the hippest of Hollywood (with prices to match).

It has been reported that the foggy image of a ghost appears in the mirror in the men’s restroom here, while in the women’s bathroom taps tend to suddenly turn themselves on, but there’s no archival evidence of anything unusual here. But if you are here and you visit the bathroom, be ready – just in case – for a watery surprise!