Extra! Extra! Culver Hotel – Culver City

October 13, 2012

Tunnels came up often during my research. Whether it was discreet tunnels to bars or houses, tunnels used for prohibition or smuggling prostitutes or just tunnels where strange and murderous things were supposed to have happened, I was often asked: “Have you heard about the tunnel?”

Many of them were imaginary, but some did exist….

One of the many stories about the Wizard of Oz “munchkins” actors who stayed here during filming is the idea of a “secret tunnel” built to usher them to their set at Culver Studios. Milena Aalunni, who runs Private Events, Catering and Filming, noted:

“I was working downstairs at the bar/front desk area when a group of people came in and asked about the basement. They were paranormal enthusiasts, and they had heard about a secret tunnel that leads from the hotel to the studios.”

Amazingly, while many studios, bars and even restaurants do have large “tunnels” that are in fact utility ducts, this Culver Hotel one actually did exist (sort of); it was a pathway for pedestrians to cross the busy boulevard to the Culver Studios:

“We found out from a local fireman whose family has been working and living in Culver City for decades that the tunnel was indeed there at one point, but was filled in the late 1970s.”