Extra! Extra! El Compadre – Hollywood

September 22, 2012

Back in the 1950s when it was known as Don Pepe’s, a tragic incident occurred here on Sunset Boulevard – and those caught in the crossfire have apparently haunted the building ever since. An attempted robbery spun out of control, and two innocent bystanders were shot while trying to hide from the flying bullets – many guests and employees have often claimed to see “shadows” of people crouching or hiding.

Also, visitors often ask about the “haunted mirror”, a mirror with an amazingly gaudy frame that hangs beside the tiny bar – the story goes that if you stare into it, another person’s reflection stares back at you. No-one seems to know the story behind the mirror or why this strange effect occurs, but the legend of this “haunted mirror” has spread far and wide, and people often ask about it as soon as they have sat down in one of the red booths.

As long as you see your own reflection, then you can be sure you’re not a vampire. If you don’t, then just hope that it’s a side-effect of too many of their famous “Flaming Margaritas”, a gaudy drink that fits right in with the 1970s vibe in here. If you’re not drinking or are the designated driver, then beware: the soda refills will keep coming – but they’re not free. Since there was no evidence anywhere for the robbery, the only thing I can confirm about El Compadre is the strength of their flaming margaritas!