Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles (published 2012)

“This engaging read comes highly recommended for anyone with an interest in the bloody history of tinsel town.” Real Crime Magazine

“A classic of the genre…this one is like going through a Haunted Halloween maze that last a month” – Dwarf + Giant

“I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to try something different in the way of restaurants, bars, and places of lodging. An excellent go-to guide.” – James Herington, Top Contributor: True Crime Books,

“The author is very passionate about this and it comes through, so it’s exciting to read. Thumbs up.” Person 24,

Gourmet Ghosts 2 (published 2016)

“The large number of death sites described and witty prose up the entertainment value of this off-kilter travel guide.” – Publishers Weekly

“It’s like going on a f*cked up city tour guided by the ghost of Raymond Chandler or a thought-form entity from the mind of James Ellroy – a haunted Halloween maze that seems to last a month” – Dwarf + Giant

“The history was great, the stories kept me reading on and I even have Post-its on my favorite pages as must-sees. I always love a good intrigue or ghost story, I love a good bar or good food at restaurants and hotels and I love Hollywood/LA in it’s heyday, so this book was a perfect treat. – Jessica Frazer,